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D'oro The Luxury Skincre

Doro skincare beauty - cilt bakım kremi - luxury skincare

cilt bakımı

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Doro Lüks Cilt Bakımı

About us


Mr.Massimo FAZZI

behrang shiyoukhi

About D'oro

D'ORO Luxury skin care is a popular and growing industry, offering a variety of high-end products to help improve and maintain the health and appearance of your skin. These products use high-quality and often rare materials, advanced technology and elegant packaging to create a luxurious experience for the user. Many of these skin care products contain ingredients such as gold, caviar, diamonds and plant stem cells that are believed to provide unique benefits. and provides powerful benefits to the skin. They are often made using cutting-edge manufacturing processes and are designed to provide unique results.
But luxury skin care products can have a high price tag. Although they offer significant skin benefits, it's important to consider your budget and priorities when deciding whether to invest in these products. It is also important to research and choose effective and safe products that suit your skin type and concerns. After all, luxury facials not only offer a pampering and pampering experience, but can also provide significant benefits to the health and appearance of your skin. With careful evaluation and research, you can find the right products to meet your needs and enhance your skin care routine.

About Massimo FAZZI

He studied business administration at the best universities in the world and decided to establish a company in Switzerland due to his interest in chemistry and medicine. The company is owned by Massimo Fazzi Sagl. With the help and wisdom of respected doctors of chemistry and dermatology in the field of natural formulas, three essential and widely used products for skin use are produced under its own brand in one of the oldest and most experienced factories in Italy. Massimo Fazzi and the CEO of his Turkish partner Mr.Behrang SHIUKHI (Karen Group), who managed to make a name for himself and have his name written in many countries in the fields of cosmetics and skin care, production and marketing, created this brand (D'oro masimo fazzi) together and together they created the world's beauty and They brought it to the skin care market. So, before 2005, was Massimo doing laboratory and formula work? Yes, you guessed it, she worked with many teams in many countries and in the laboratories of the best cosmetic brands. Currently, many prestigious brands in the world are happy to work with them. By consulting and collaborating with many formula manufacturers around the world, Massimo Fazzi has managed to produce many new formulas that are in great demand in all corners of the world. and high demand. Customers are increasing day by day. But Massimo's team decided to produce luxury products in their laboratories in Europe. In the first place, it managed to write its name in the world of beauty and skin care once again with three carefully prepared products under the D'oro brand.

Mr.Behrang SHIUKHI

Production Factory

production factory
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Middle East Main
Office Branch

Halil Rıfat Pasa Mahallesi

Yüzer Havuz Sokak NO:17/19 D:5

Sisli - İstanbul

 Tel  : +90 539 611 2447

GSM:+90 531 100 2525


Via Giuseppe Motta 26  6900 Lugano

Ticino - SWISS

Tel: +41 91 226 4774

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Doro By Massimo Fazzi
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